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eight increases, which also has an impact. A [[a_standard_atmosphere|standard atmosphere model]] is often used in the discussion of the 3 dimensional atmosphere. The... proportions at different places on the Earth, the standard atmosphere model is just that - a model! The st... y interact to form the weather that we experience. {{tag>basics seasons local_effects standard_atmosphere}}
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===== The Standard Atmosphere ===== When trying to understand the atmosphere, it is useful to use a standard atmosphere model. The diagram below illustrates s... operties of such a model: {{ :wiki:comparison_us_standard_atmosphere_1962.jpg?400 |}} The diagram illustra... layer, and as humans, we only inhabit a very small proportion of that. {{tag>basics standard_atmosphere}}
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s_the_weather|What creates the weather]] 2: [[:a_standard_atmosphere|A Standard atmosphere]] 3: [[A Test|]]
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ion that * simply displays "Hello World!" to the standard output. */ class HelloWorldApp { public stat
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